A Plague Tale Requiem: Deal With The Beast

October 19, 2022
Defeat the Beast blocking your path in A Plague Tale Requiem!

A Plague Tale Requiem is a great game with challenging gameplay and a gripping story. Amicia and Hugo are constantly under attack not only from the rats but from human enemies as well. In one portion of the game, Amicia will have to go toe-to-toe with a difficult boss enemy known as The Beast. He’s not easily taken down, but we can show you his weaknesses down below.

Here’s how to defeat the Beast in A Plague Tale Requiem.

Deal With The Beast – A Plague Tale Requiem

In Chapter 6: Leaving All Behind Subchapter: Hunting Lesson, Amicia and Hugo will be cornered by a boss enemy called The Beast.

He is a heavily armored enemy and Amicia’s sling and crossbow will initially have no effect on him. He will also be immune to fire as he can freely pass through it while he is armored.

In order to win the fight, first you will have to stun him. His flail weapon is coated with fire and so you can throw tar at it to ignite it and blind him.

This will stun him and make him stand in place for a while.

While he is stunned, you can go behind him and shoot the lock for his armor, making it fall off and leaving him vulnerable.

Now you can use your crossbow to shoot his back or set him on fire to defeat him.