A Plague Tale Requiem: Chapter 16 – All Collectibles & Trophies Guide

October 20, 2022
Find all of the collectibles in A Plague Tale Requiem!

A Plague Tale Requiem continues on Amicia’s journey to look for a cure for her brother Hugo. While there are no side quests in this game, it does occasionally offer fun little detours with some collectibles. Sometimes they are visible and easy to collect, while other times they are incredibly hard to find. If you are a completionist looking to find every game secret, then check out this article.

Listed below will be all of the collectibles in Chapter 16: King Hugo!

Chapter 16 – All Collectibles & Trophies Guide – A Plague Tale Requiem

Tool #1

Near the very beginning of Chapter 16, there will be a decrepit house that is broken down and exposed to the elements. It is the remnants of what seems to be a workshop.

Inside of it will be a wooden chest with the tool inside.

Flower #1: Carnation

A small walk from the previous area and Lucas will point something out to Amicia. He mentions that despite everything, something has managed to stay alive here.

It’s also a very cute callback as a Carnation is the very first flower collectible in the first game.

And those are all the collectibles in Chapter 16 of  Plague Tale Requiem!