A Plague Tale Requiem: All Chapter 9 Collectible Locations

February 9, 2023
Here you can find All Chapter 9 Collectible Locations in A Plague Tale: Requiem!

A Plague Tale: Requiem is a newly released RPG in which players are into the medieval world and fight against various enemies. You are taking a role with your own character that needs to follow the story that has been split into different chapters. There are many chapters where you have to find the collectibles which are part of your collector’s book, and if you come to chapter 9 and you can’t find all of the collectibles, then we will help you out.

This guide will show you All Chapter 9 Collectible Locations in A Plague Tale: Requiem!

Requiem All Chapter 9 Collectible Locations – A Plague Tale Requiem

Souvenir 1 – A Thousand More Years

This Souvenir can be found in Section 1 – Exploration, on the right side of the castle. You will reunite with Sophia and then head down the stairs where you need to turn right.

Starting from the first bird statue in the open area at the start of the chapter, keep following the path going to the right side.

At the end of the path, you will find a tree that you have to interact with and find this souvenir.

Tool 1 & 2

To be able to find these tools, first of all, you have to go to the windmills in the open area and make sure that the first and second windmills are turned off, and the third and fourth are on.

Each of the windmills has obstacles that you need to move or destroy in order to be able to get inside and turn them on or off.

After that, you can navigate to the end of the cave where you will look for the tools. Follow the path inside the cave until you reach to the room with a lot of treasures inside.

Here you can also find some chests which after you open them, you will find both tools, and also the secret armor.

Tool 3

To find this tool, you have to go back in the open area and navigate to the building with the kites.

There you have to go to the back side of the building where you will see the ladder where you can climb up on the platform.

Once you get up, you will see a small window that looks inside the building.

Here, you will have to hit the door lock on the gate in order to unlock the door.

After that, go back down in front of the building and open the door to enter inside.

In front of the wall, you will find a chest where you will collect the third tool.

Knife 1

The knife can be found inside the tower on the path going to the mountain.

After you cross the bridge, you can easily reach the tower.

Once you get there, the door from the room inside the tower will be locked, and all you need to do is to go to the back of the tower where you will find a small hole where you will have to throw a rock through it and unlock the gate from inside.

Now, go back to the other side and get inside the small room in the tower where you will be able to get the knife behind the door.

Secret Chest 1

The secret chest is located on top of the same tower where you found the knife.

You just need to climb up the ladder and on the upper level of the tower you will find the chest.

Souvenir 2 – Nice Screeching

After the secret chest, there is another ladder that will bring you on top of the tower.

You just need to use this ladder and climb on top of it, and at the edge of the wall in front of you, there will be this souvenir.

Souvenir 3 – Tramontane & Tool 4

Once you start walking up the mountain, just after the goats, you will come to a ruined house, but you won’t be able to get inside.

All you need to do is to set fire to the grass that grows next to the wall of the right side of the house. Once it’s burned, you will see a small hole where you can pass into the house.

From here, Lucas will get inside through the hole and he will open the door for you.

Once you enter there, you will find a chest in which you are going to find the souvenir and the tool.

Secret Chest 2

To find the second secret chest, you have to go back on the path that goes to the mountain and climb the rock, where you have to continue forward.

As you walk on the path, you will notice another white colored rock on your left side where you can climb and come to a small open area where you will find your secret chest.

Feather 1 – Barn Owl

To find the Feather, you need to go to the top of the tower after the second stealth section. Be careful from the guard, and make sure not to be seen.

You will have to get inside the building once the guard goes on the other side. Just use stealth walk behind him and pass through the door.

Once you are inside, follow the stairs going to the upper platform where you will have to enter the tower.

Follow the stairs inside the tower and get on top of it. Here you will have to continue walking out of it and follow the path that will bring you to the feathers.

That’s it! These are all the collectibles that you can find in chapter 9, and now you can go into your game and start looking for all of them.