A Plague Tale Requiem: All Chapter 6 Collectible Locations

October 18, 2022
Check out this guide to find all collectibles in Chapter 6 in A Plague Tale Requiem.

A Plagues Tale Requiem is a great RPG that allows you to join the medieval world and fight against various enemies. In this game you will play one character and follow a story that has been split into different chapters. Each of these chapters have collectibles that you can find around the chapter and use them to fill up your collectors book.

This guide will show you where to find all collectibles in Chapter 6 in A Plague Tale Requiem.

All Chapter 6 Collectible Locations – A Plague Tale Requiem


The Jay feather collectible can be found at the start of the chapter itself. Get to this tree marked on the image below and simply begin the conversation. When the convo ends, you will obtain the collectible.

Imagine you’re Flying

This collectible can be located in the village that you will find right after you pass the tree. Locate the village with the red tents and as you go inside, at the end of it, you will find a swing. Get onto that swing and let the child swing you across. That’s how you get this collectible.


This tool can be found inside the middle cave entrance. Here you just need to continue going forward as the path guides you. You will need to boost Hugo in a hole where he will open a wooden door for you from the other side.

After that is done, take the stairs and on the left side, you will notice a chest that can be looted. Inside the chest, you will find the tool.


Once you go through the metal door in the cave to escape the enemies chasing you, you will enter another big room where you need to be sneaky and hide from them.

The Knife collectible will be found at the first wagon you see on your right side.

Knife 2

After you leave the quarry, you will find yourself in a giant pit. In the middle of the pit, inside a wooden box, the second knife collectible can be found, simply dodge the enemies and get to that area to get your collectible.

Tool 2

The second tool is located at the exact same spot from where the second knife was found, here you need to go around the area and climb to the higher hill. Once there, loot the chest and obtain your collectible.

Secret Chest

This secret chest can be found after you enter the building by opening the metal door from the quarry. Once you enter the area, you and Hugo need to crouch and go through this secret passage shown on the image below.

On the other side, the secret chest can be found.

Which Color do you Want? Souvenir

After you get to a dark area where you control the rats for the first time with fire, you will need to climb the ladder inside the small room where the workbench can be found.

On  the upper area, follow the path and crouch between a tight passage. On the other side, you will need to drop on the lower level and interact with the bench that has new fabric around.

Knife 3

The third knife can be found in the next area after you’ve left the room from the What Color do you want souvenir.

Go to this area marked on the map, and on some wooden boxes, you will find some loot, including the knife.

Tool 3

The third tool can be found in this cabin in the same area as where the knife was. The inner part of the building where the tool is located it’s locked. To unlock it, go behind the building where an opening can be seen.

Use your slingshot and hit the lock to unlock the door, get inside and obtain your collectible.