A Plague Tale Requiem: All Chapter 5 Collectible Locations

A Plagues Tale Requiem is a great RPG that allows you to join the medieval world and fight against various enemies. In this game you will play one character and follow a story that has been split into different chapters. Each of these chapters have collectibles that you can find around the chapter and use them to fill up your collectors book.

This guide will show you where to find all collectibles in Chapter 5 in A Plague Tale Requiem.

All Chapter 5 Collectible Locations – A Plague Tale Requiem

A Stag’s Roar

This souvenir can be found as you climb up the mountain in chapter 5. Here you will see a red rag hanged on a tree. Once you’ve interacted with the red rag, you will obtain this collectible.


This tool can be found at the area where you need to shoot a giant ball of fire which will remove all of the rats in the area. Once the rats are removed from that area, drop and look for the chest marked on the image below. That is where the tool is located.


After you’ve completed the rat challenge, you will follow the path and see a tall ladder that is placed on the side of the hill. Climb the ladder and move to your next position.

Once you are up there, on this barrel shown on the image, you will find the knife.


This collectible can be found in the same area where the knife is located. Simply get to the edge where there are some ropes as a fence and start yelling. You will yell out huuugooo and obtain the collectible.

Secret Chest

On the other side of the river, you will see a half broken wooden barn. Go behind the barn and squeeze through a wooden fence to get on the other side. Once there, climb the ladder that you see and you will find the secret chest right in front of you.

Tool 2

The second tool can be found on the other side of the wooden barn. To get there, you need to pass under the barn in this secret passage. On the other side, you will find a chest that you can loot and get your collectible.

Hugo’s Herbarium: Anemone

Get under the bridge, you will find a smaller bridge connecting the wooden planks. To drop that bridge, you need to shoot the lock.

After that is done, you will see a wooden cart that you can drive around. Drive it to the wooden wall and climb it. Follow the path to the top where you will find this collectible on the ground.

Knife 2

The second knife is located at this part of the map. Get here and loot the log marked in red. That’s where you will get your collectible.

And just like that, you now know where all collectibles are located in Chapter 5.

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