A Plague Tale Requiem: All Chapter 13 Collectibles Locations

February 9, 2023
Here is every collectible in the game’s 13th Chapter!

While A Plague Tale: Requiem isn’t filled with side activities and objectives to take on without progressing much of the story, there are several collectibles on the way that you can get to make the most out of Hugo and Amicia’s journey. Unfortunately, some of them are just tough to find – so much so that sometimes it can get frustrating to do so.

In need of some help completing the game’s collectibles? In this article, we will be showing you where to look for every collectible in the game’s Chapter 13: Nothing Left.

All Chapter 13 Collectibles Locations – A Plague Tale Requiem

Tool Chest #30

At the very start of the chapter, proceed through the dark hallway and up the small stairs.

On the particular area where you find yourself now, look to the right and you should see a small room with the Tool Chest in there.

A Mess – Souvenir

Early on in the chapter, as you pass through the very first room and reach the workbench, you will find yourself inside another big room. Once there, look to see a hole in the metal bars that you can shoot through. Sling a rock to the lock of the door to open it.

After unlocking the door, head inside the room, and just behind the wall is an obstacle that you can pull. Do so to unlock another path to go to another area.

There, vault over the small planks and pull another obstacle. This blocks the crawlspace to the Souvenir.

Crawl through the small tunnel and into the room filled with books.

On the desk is the collectible. Get it and a scene should trigger.

Tool Chest #31

Once you are out in the field again, run through the area into a wagon with a torch beside it. The Tool Chest is just near it.

Be wary of rats here, as they would pop out from the wall just near the wagon and the Tool Chest.

Knife Location #1

After getting Tool Chest #31, proceed further a bit and you should see a climbable area.

Beside a chest and stuck on a broken wagon is the First Knife.

Knife Location #2

After going through some burned-out buildings, you should soon see a table with some flowers and some arrangements on it.

There lays the Second Knife stabbed at the table itself.

Tool Chest #32

Go up the platform to the next area after getting the Second Knife. It is just behind the table where you got the knife. Run along the path and down some stairs.

Be careful here as there are several guards within the area hunting you down. Sneak through them using the tall grasses and get the chest from behind the guard.

Knife Location #3

On the area with the flaming flower arch which you can get to after dropping down a broken building, turn back and you should see the Third Knife stuck to the wooden pillar of the building you just dropped from.

Greylag Goose/Feather #7 – Hugo’s Collection

Pass the burning flower arch now. To the left, you should see a pushable platform that you can use to get somewhere higher.

Push it to the wall you just passed. Use the platform to go up the wall.

There you should see the Greylag Goose Feather for Hugo’s Collection. Get it and a scene will trigger.

Secret Chest + Tool Chest #33

After getting the Greylag Goose Feather, go to the door on the right, just beside a bed.

There you should see a huge chest that Amicia can unlock using her knife. This is both a Secret Chest and a Tool Chest.