A Plague Tale Requiem: All Chapter 11 Collectibles Locations

February 9, 2023
Here is every collectible in the game’s 11th Chapter!

While A Plague Tale: Requiem isn’t filled with side activities and objectives to take on without progressing much of the story, there are several collectibles on the way that you can get to make the most out of Hugo and Amicia’s journey. Unfortunately, some of them are just tough to find – so much so that sometimes it can get frustrating to do so.

In need of some help completing the game’s collectibles? In this article, we will be showing you where to look for every collectible in the game’s Chapter 11: The Cradle of Centuries.

All Chapter 11 Collectibles Locations – A Plague Tale Requiem

European Goldfinch/Feather #6 – Hugo’s Collection

After the section where Amicia has to throw the ignition to the barrel to blast the door, look to the corner of the room and there you should see another obstacle you can blast your way through.

Use Amicia’s tool to get rid of the wooden planks blocking the crawlspace.

Crawl underneath and immediately you should see the feather collectible. Interact with it to trigger the scene with Amicia and Hugo.

Knife Location #1

The first knife in the chapter can be seen on a corpse sitting in the corner by the fire.

This corpse is found just after a doorway from the area where you blasted a door using a barrel and an igniter and just after another corpse. The knife is stuck in its skull.

The Chateau D’Ombrage – Souvenir

On the area where your party is surrounded by millions of rats, use the fire cart on your right and push it to the upper right side of the area. This should protect you from the rats.

After getting the fire cart to the upper-right area, let Sophia light up the path to clear the rats and head to the platform just below where you pushed the cart to the right.

There you can see a desk with some maps.

Interact with it to get the collectible.

His Toys – Souvenir

In the section of the chapter where you have to unlock a very large door with some locking mechanism on it, head to the door with a very small crawlspace to the right. It is behind some pillars.

Let Hugo crawl through the small space and unlock the door for you.

In the room is a table filled with children’s toys. Interact with it to get a short scene.

Secret Chest + Tool Chest #28

When Amicia gets separated from the group, look around the area for a pair of climbable platforms lit by a fire. They are also colored white to make them not that hard to find.

Climb up these platforms and head to the right. There you should see some chains blocking a path. Destroy it using your sling. Pass through it to another passable path with some chains on it.

In the small room after the second chain, you should see a huge chest that Amicia will unlock using her knife.

This serves as both a Secret Chest and Tool Chest #28.

Tool Chest #29

Just before Amicia returns to the group and after pushing a fire cart alone, do not climb the ladder yet to Hugo and Sophia.

Instead, head to your left and you should see there the Tool Chest. Access it by lighting up the fire on the cart stronger.