Riders Republic: How to get Mini BMX

June 12, 2023
Complete this challenge to unlock the BMX Mini Bike!

Riders Republic is a massive open world and in order to explore the vast terrain, you will need a good stunt bike. The Mini BMX is a cute little bike that will make you nostalgic for those GTA San Andreas days while helping you perform some cool stunts in style.

This guide will tell you how to unlock the BMX mini bike in Riders Republic.

How to get Mini BMX

In order to unlock the BMX Minibike, the first thing that you need to do is complete the entire BMX career mode. This won’t take much time as the career mode is only 2-3 hours long and is easy to complete. You can complete the side objectives later if you wish.

As soon as you finish the BMX career, you will get access to a new challenge on the map called “WHAAAAAT?!!!” at the above location. You just need to complete the entire challenge without falling or backtracking which might sound difficult initially but is easy if you decide to follow the course.

Focus on performing your tricks instead of the score by running along the course and you will soon unlock the BMX Mini Bike. The main reason why this challenge is difficult is that puts you in a 2.5D perspective with a side view which makes it hard to control the rider.

Ignore the side objectives and don’t worry about the score, just stay focused on the track and the challenge will be completed in no time. This will take only around a minute and a half so make sure not to fall off or backtrack during the challenge.

That’s it, now go ahead and complete this challenge to get your hands on the BMX Mini Bike!

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