7 Days To Die Weapons List | Ranked From Worst To Best

June 17, 2023
Here are all the best weapons ranked in 7 Days to Die!

7 Days to Die offers a wide range of arsenal to players to help deal with the onslaught of relentless zombie hordes and enemies. Given the wide range of weapons, it is difficult to determine the best weapons and choose the perfect one for you.

This guide will tell you about the best weapons available in 7 Days to Die.

Weapons List | Ranked From Worst To Best

Below is the list of all the best weapons available in the game starting from the worst to the best:

10. Dynamite

This tiny firecracker might look small in size but packs a punch with the ability to deliver 550 entity damage and 3000 block damage. Also known as TNT, it is useful for clearing waves of zombies quickly.

However there are two caveats thou, the first is that it is too loud as an explosive and alerts all zombies in the vicinity. Another drawback is that since it is throwable, it is most effective when you throw it at a group of zombies and not at individual enemies.

The reason behind its inclusion is the flexibility that allows it to be used outside of combat such as clearing mining blocks or making a hole in the wall.

9. Baseball Bat

For those who prefer the feel of melee combat, the baseball bat might be the perfect option for you. With a range of 2.4m, entity damage of 17.4 and the ability to deliver 52 attacks per minute make it the best melee weapon in the game.

You will be easily able to slay nearby enemies when you run out of ammunition without making much noise.

It provides the perfect balance between damage and attack speed and you can also equip the barbed wire mode to cover it with thorny spikes and increase its damage. The reason for including it in this list is that it does not consume ammunition and is quieter than a firearm.

8. Pump Shotgun

If you love zombies to bits and pieces then you should definitely check out the Pump Shotgun. With a varying range of 5/9/2 depending on the amount of ammo left and entity damage of 112 or 96, this shotgun is powerful enough to blow your enemy’s minds.

With the ability to fire 60 rounds per minute and a magazine size of 8, this shotgun can help you defend yourself against zombies trying to corner you and break down barriers. While it doesn’t have the best range, the amount of damage it makes easily compensates for it.

In case you wish to modify or customize it further then there are plenty of mods available such as the Tube Extender which can increase the amount of total ammunition or the Duck Bill mod which sends the bullet in a horizontal line instead of vertical to increase the spread and target multiple enemies.

7. Tactical Assault Rifle

The Assault Rifle is something most players would use given its 50 range and decent entity damage of 41 or 56 depending on the ammunition left. With a magazine size of 30 and 405 RPM, this is the best weapon to kill the zombies before they surround you.

Although shotguns are powerful, if you miss a shot or two then you are likely to find yourself surrounded by enemies from all sides and this is where the Assault Rifle can be handy. Thanks to its large magazine and high rate of fire, you will be able to maintain the line of fire while staying at a safe distance.

6. Sniper Rifle

For those who like to kill their enemies from a distance, the Sniper Rifle is the way to go. With an astonishing range of 70 and entity damage of 64 or 79 depending on the ammo, this weapon is really powerful.

You get 12 rounds per magazine and an attack speed of 140, this weapon can kill enemies in a single shot most of the time. While running around with a sledgehammer or baseball bat can be fun, using the Sniper Rifle is the way to go if you wish to survive and eliminate enemies from as far away as possible.

It has the best range possible among weapons with only the Hunting Rifle and the Rocket Launcher coming close.

5. Compound Crossbow

The Compound Crossbow is another great silent weapon with a range of 25 and entity damage of 32/35/45/125(depending on the ammunition). With an attack per-minute speed of 75 and a magazine size of 1 bow per round, it is a great way to stay sneaky and avoid detection from enemies.

This makes it unique as other weapons make a lot of noise when used in comparison to the crossbow. It offers players the range and damage of a firearm but with the added advantage of a silent weapon. You can also equip it with exploding crossbow bolt ammunition to deal more damage than any other ranged weapon.


If you love to just spam bullets at your enemies and deal a lot of damage while doing it then look no further than the SMG-5.This submachine gun has a range of 30 and can deal 32 or 41 enemy damage depending on the amount of ammo left.

With 480 RPM and 30 rounds in one magazine, you won’t be worrying about ammo as it uses 9mm rounds which are easy to find and can be crafted for cheap. Thanks to its large magazine size, you won’t have to reload constantly and spend a lot of time doing it.

However, unlike other firearms in the game, this submachine gun does not deal a substantial amount of damage which is likely due to it being the gun with the fastest fire rate. You can use the Gunslinger skill to further improve the firing speed and it can be as powerful as a shotgun in narrow hallways.

3. Desert Vulture

This agile pistol is really powerful and can help you kill even the most powerful zombies. With a range of 25 and entity damage of 68 or 89, it can easily perform 130 attacks per minute and has a magazine size of 8 rounds.

Clearly inspired by the Desert Eagle, this .44 calibre pistol is a semi-automatic handgun that only needs a single shot to kill common zombies. It offers a good blend of range, damage and magazine size making it ideal for most players.

Thanks to the.44 ammo used, it has a better damage output than most assault rifles and submachine guns.

2.M60 Machine Gun

This automatic machine gun uses 7.62mm ammunition and offers a good range of 50. With entity damage of 44/44/59, it can fire 440 rounds per minute and has a large magazine size of 60 rounds.

The M60 Machine Gun can deal plenty of damage and has a fast attack rate with a humungous magazine meaning that players will only have to reload them between encounters and not during them.

It has enough firepower to easily chew through a large horde of zombies however the long reload times mean that you will have to be careful and maintain your distance. You won’t need any other sidearm unless you manage to deplete the ammo on this one.

There are many useful mods that will you further enhance this submachine gun that can increase the accuracy and stability such as the Muzzle Break and Barrel Extender.

1. Auto Shotgun

This tier 3 shotgun has a range of 5/9/2 and can deal entity damage of 112/96/96 depending on the ammunition.

With a magazine size of 16 and rounds per minute of 70, you can easily annihilate the most challenging zombies with this powerful shotgun. This is a terrifying and deadly weapon that can help players defend a hallway indefinitely.

A zombie hit by the auto shotgun has a chance of being dismembered or stunned however given the small magazine size, you will need to reload it often.

 Thankfully, you can use the Drum Magazine mod to double the magazine size and use the Duckbill or Muzzle Break mod to make it better. Most enemies will be dead with just a single shot after equipping these mods.

That’s it, these are the best weapons available in 7 Days to Die!

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