7 Days To Die Upgrade Wood Frame | How To

June 15, 2023
Learn how to upgrade the wooden frame in 7 Days to Die!

Wooden frames are the basic building blocks that you will need if you wish to construct your house in 7 Days to Die. You will need these frames to create walls and doors for your house to protect yourself from the onslaught of zombie hordes.

This guide will tell you how to upgrade wooden frames in the game.

7 Days To Die Upgrade Wood Frame

The wood frame can be used to create defensive materials such as walls and doors to prevent zombies from entering your home. You will need to create the shape of the frame using two pieces of wood which you subsequently upgrade if you have the requisite materials.

In order to upgrade the wooden frame, you will need a stone hatchet or a claw hammer and four pieces of wood. Once you have these materials, approach the wooden block and then hold right-click on your mouse and it will start upgrading the block. A health bar will appear and start filling up indicating the progress of the upgrade process.

If you are using a console such as Playstation or Xbox then you will need to hold the left trigger to upgrade the block. You can upgrade the block more than once as long as you have the required materials available in your inventory. Make sure that the crosshair is pointed towards the wooden frame to upgrade it.

You can also use the Nail Gun to upgrade the wooden block and it will take just 1 hit to fully upgrade the wooden frame. While using better tools does reduce the duration of the upgrade process, the cost remains the same irrespective of the tool used.

Here is the complete upgrade list for the wooden frame:

UpgradesMaterial requiredHit Points
Wood Block4 Wood225
Reinforced Wood Block8 Wood255
Cobblestone Block10 Cobblestone rocks1500
Concrete Block10 Concrete Mix5000
Steel Blocks10 Forged Steel10000

That’s it, now go ahead and upgrade your wooden frames to reinforce them!