7 Days To Die: The TOP 7 Skill Book Rewards

April 6, 2023
Looking for the best skill books in 7 Days to Die? Read this guide to find out!

Skillbooks or Perkbooks are an important part of 7 Days to Die as they offer players certain perks after reading them. These books are scattered throughout the game’s open world and can be found in places like mailboxes, newspaper boxes, news shelves etc. There are a total of 16 books, each having 16 volumes and after reading 7 of them, you will be granted a bonus perk.

This guide will tell you about the top 7 Skillsbooks in the game.

The TOP 7 Skill Book Rewards

1. Batter Up

The first one is the Batter Up Skillbook which might sound simple but is incredibly powerful. Each time you get a power attack kill using a club, you will get all of your stamina back. This means that you can use your attack infinitely if you have a decent club, a couple of ranks of Pummel Pete and if you are primarily hitting headshots.

It will effectively allow you to defeat most enemies with 3 to 4 hits even when you are playing on hard difficulty. If you manage to power attack with this book then you can chain hits together almost forever as you use a couple of hits to kill a zombie resulting in your stamina bar getting reset.

The main benefit is that you get a lot of free stamina thus requiring you to consume less food and water which is otherwise needed to regenerate your stamina levels.

2. Automatic Weapon Handbook

The second skill book is the Automatic Weapon Handbook which boosts your sprinting speed by 20% for a period of 20 seconds after you kill an enemy using a machine gun. It can be very useful when combined with the right build.

The Automatic Weapon Handbook and the Machine Gunner perk will largely benefit players using the no-horde playstyle.

If you have all the ranks of the Machine Gunner unlocked then you will get 6 stamina bars per shot using a machine gun while the Automatic Weapon Handbook will make the machine gun more accurate and damaging.

The completion bonus will result in you running 20% faster each time you get a kill with a machine gun resulting in the perfect build when all three elements are combined.

3. Urban Combat

Next up is the Urban Combat skill book which removes the damage penalty when a silencer is equipped on your weapon. Normally when you attach a suppressor to your gun, it reduces the overall damage that it can deal and this skill basically negates that penalty.

This is a must-have skill book for players who like to use a suppressor attachment on their weapons. If you use a stealth approach then equipping a suppressor is the way to go as it reduces the amount of sound that your gun produces.

Another major advantage is that it reduces the heat produced by your weapon to a mere 0.65% per shot.

4. Sniper

The fourth skill book on the list is Sniper which will grant you the schematic for the Gillie Suit and the ability to craft 7.62 mm ammo in bulk. This effectively means that you can craft any 7.62 ammo for 20% cheaper after crafting them in bulk.

You will get more ammo to deal with zombies while those preferring a more stealth approach can take advantage of the Ghillie Suit.

It is a really useful suit that comes in 3 pieces crafted from plant fibbers as it reduces the amount of noise and visibility of the player making sneaking around much easier.

Although it is best recommended not to use the helmet piece as it replaces a real helmet resulting in you losing access to damage resistance, headlamps, pocket mods etc.

5. The Great Heist

The next skill book on the list is The Great Heist which will help you craft pick locks and break into locks 20% faster. This can be really useful if you break locks quite often and it offers similar results to the Lock Picking ability without costing a skill point.

Even if you have all the ranks of Lock Picking unlocked then this skill book will further enhance them thus acting as the fourth rank.

6. Pistol Pete

The sixth skill book on the list is Pistol Pete which allows shots fired from a 9mm pistol at point-blank range to ignore 20% of armour causing bleeding damage to enemies. This skill also lets you bulk craft 9 mm ammo resulting in the already cheap ammo becoming even cheaper to craft.

7. The Art of Mining

Last but not least is the Art of Mining skill book which as the name suggests allows you to mine any ore at a faster rate while giving you a 20% chance to one-shot any ore.It works with an auger and gives you a massive boost while mining with the only drawback being that it doesn’t work on stones.

That’s it, these are all the best skill books that you should unlock right away in 7 Days to Die.

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