7 Days To Die: How To Sleep In Bedroll Guide

June 29, 2023
Learn how to use the bedroll to take some rest in 7 Days to Die!

Taking rest and sleeping is important in a survivor horror title like 7 Days to Die where you need to defend yourself against incoming zombie hordes.The bedroll is an item that will allow you to take some rest and rejuvenate after a long day of work.

This guide will tell you how to sleep using the bedroom in 7 Days to Die.

How To Sleep In Bedroll Guide

Unlike other survivor titles, you don’t have an option to sleep during the night and you cannot set up a camp nearby or use the bedroll to sleep.Since the game’s mechanics were designed in such a manner that did not allow the character to go to sleep, there is no such option.

Players are expected to spend the night crafting new items,repairing their base,restocking ammo,food and forges and clearing the area around to gather new resources.This will allow you to prepare yourself for the next day and you won’t have to worry about collecting resources to craft items.

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How to place Bedrolls?

In order to place the bedroll, you will need to face towards the ground and open your inventory.Select and drag the bedroll to the action bar and press right click to put it on the ground.

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These bedrolls are instead used to relax your character and regenerate stamina after doing the hard work of slaying zombies.It will also change the time so you don’t have to survive throughout the night while also creating a new respawn point.

When you lay down a bedroll at a specific location, it will prevent zombies from spawning in the nearby area.This way you can strategically place them to protect yourself from zombies in the vicinity.

However, there is a downside too as it can also stop loot from spawning in the area so you will need to consider the tradeoff before making a decision.

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The last location where you place the bedroll will be the new spawn location in case you die.So the next time you die, you will be automatically respawn at the last bedroll location.

After you die, you will be given two choices: “Spawn on bed” or “Spawn nearby bed”.The first one will be respawn you at the bedroll whereas the second one will spawn you at a random location 80 blocks away from the bed.

How to craft the Bedroll?

In order to craft the bedroll, you will need to collect 10 plant fibers from your surroundings.Once you have the required quantity, open the crafting menu and click on the stack of plant fibers.

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Choose the examine option and then select Bedroll from the list of recipes on your left.Alternatively, you can also type Bedroll to search for it in the recipe list.

You can also find the bedroll randomly in the game however you cannot actually sleep on it as it just advances the time and restores your energy.The bedroll can also be scrapped to convert it back into Plant Fibers.

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That being said, you currently cannot sleep in the game as you need to stop incoming zombie hordes in their tracks and upgrade your defense to stop the threat of a zombie apocalypse.