7 Days To Die: How To Pick Up Forge

September 5, 2022
Here you can learn How to Pick Up Forge in 7 Days To Die!

7 Days To Die is an open-world surviving game, where you have to explore the map and look for plenty of parts and materials in order to forge and craft some of the most needed items that you need to survive in the game. Also, there is a forge that is used to smelt items into refined products that are more useful, and sometimes if you move your base, you would like to know how to Pick Up your forge and move it to another place.

This guide will show you How To Pick Up Forge in 7 Days To Die.

How To Pick Up Forge in 7 Days To Die

If you want to pick up or move your forge, you need to use a land claim block. Land Claim Block will designate an area of land seven blocks by seven blocks from the actual block itself, which is 15 blocks across and down.

This region that it redesignate for you, extends all the way down to the bedrock and all the way up to the atmosphere, so it’s an entire chunk basically, and everything within that is going to be designated for you.

When you place down the land claim block, it is going to carve out an area of the world and it protects everything within that little grid you set.

The most important thing about the Land Claim Block is when you put it down in your base, it will give you the option to pick up your things that you set down.

Now you can go to your forge, and when you hold “E”, you will see the Hand Icon that you can click and it will start picking up the forge.

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It has a timer, and you need to wait around 15 seconds to pick it up.

One of the nice things about having the land clean block is that you can put it where you have already placed stuff after you have already placed those, and they will still allow you to pick them up.

You don’t have to have the stuff down before you place the land claim block.