7 Days To Die: Are Air Drops Useful (Answered)

April 6, 2023
Are Airdrops really useful in 7 Days to Die? Read this article to find out!

7 Days to Die is an open-world survivor horror title and to last till the end, you will need a constant amount of supplies. This is where the Supply Crate or Air Drops can come in handy as these are containers dropped by the aircraft every 1,3 or 7 days in the game. While the usefulness of these drops has often been questioned by players, they mainly contain supplies that help you survive in the wild a little bit longer.

This guide will tell you whether Airdrops in 7 Days to Die are useful or not.

Are Air Drops Useful (Answered)

Air Drops are set to arrive every 3 days in the game by default however you can disable them entirely or increase their frequency to every day or every 7 days in the Settings menu.

At the default frequency, the air drops will arrive every 3 days at 12 PM with a plane flying in the skies and dropping a supply crate with an orange flare below.

You can choose to enable or disable a map marker for these drops in Settings. The location for these drops is largely based on the player’s location and they will follow you around if you spawn in a new area.

They drop in a radius of around 200 to 1000 meters around the player’s current location in the single-player mode.

When you get near an airdrop, you will see a crate with a parachute attached descending from the sky. Inside the crates, you will find various items which can be looted and the crate will break down when you close it resulting in all the items dropping on the floor.

Each airdrop has its own loot table and the average airdrop will at least contain 2 items with some of them containing up to 5 or 6 unique items. Each airdrop has its own tier level containing a different bundle of items based on the player’s loot level.

The loot level is a statistic based on your level, POI, and biome you are in when you search a container. Higher is better and it maxes out at level 300.

At the start of the game, you will receive a tier 1 bundle from your airdrop which can either be a farm drop bundle, ammo crafting bundle, pipe guns bundle or a tier 2 hood bundle, tier 1 book bundle, melee mods bundle and a ranged mod bundle.

One of these bundles is guaranteed to be found in an airdrop as early as level 1. Do note that the higher your loot stage is, the better bundles you will receive in an airdrop with the chance to get legendary firearms in tier 5 bundles such as a level 6 automatic shotgun or a heavy armor bonus bundle.

To get this stuff, you will need to be at a reasonably high level such as level 50 and then head to the Wastelands to see tier 5 bundles spawning in airdrops.

Just make sure to reach the area on the day of the airdrop at around 12 pm and there is a 100% chance that you will receive a rare high-level item in the drop.

Every other airdrop has a chance of giving you something from the 2nd loot table which includes three separate food items and 2 medical items as well as the chance to obtain farming and cooking recipes.

There is a chance that you might receive 2 tier 5 bundles from the same airdrop and these tier 5 bundles are very rare as the only other way to obtain them is to complete quest 5 tier with the trader or get a very high loot stage at the end of tier 5 POI.

Many players have reported on Reddit that they have often come across useful items and bundles in the Airdrop including a level 6 steel armor kit.

While some players have said that they received junk items such as food plots and corn seeds however the problem seems to have been largely addressed in Alpha 20.

Another thing worth noting is that using Reduced Loot Abundance affects the quality of the airdrops and say you have a loot abundance of 25% then you are likely to find drops with nothing inside them.

This can be the potential reason why some players who have the setting turned on report getting few items or poor-quality loot inside airdrops.

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