5 Best Ploughs In Farming Simulator 22 [FS22]

July 3, 2023
Let’s see which the best 5 ploughs in Farming Simulator 22 are.

Farming Simulator 22 is filled with a bunch of different ploughs and tractors that will help you manage your farm efficiently and economically. You need to focus on saving as much money as possible for future plans for your farm as well as spending enough at the very moment for the best possible machinery which will help you plow, cultivate and even harvest your crops.

Today, in this guide, we will focus mainly on the best ploughs that you can use in Farming Simulator 22.

5 Best Ploughs

Do note that here we will write about cheaper ploughs which are not as effective as the expensive ones. But, we did that on purpose so you can figure out exactly which ploughs you need from the very start until the late stages of Farming Simulator 22.

Let’s begin with the 5 best Ploughs in Farming Simulator 22.

1.Karakuzu 9B Heavy Subsoiler

The Karakuzu 9B Heavy Subsoiler costs $5,500.

The working width and working speed of it is 4.2 meters and 12 kilometers per hour.

To operate the Karakuzu 9B Heavy Subsoiler, you will need to have at least 150 horsepower which is not that much.

A very cheap plough that will operate well without you spending too much money on higher-quality tractors. This is going to be your best choice for early stages in Farming Simulator 22.

2.Bandeirante Rasthor H7

The price of the Bandeirante Rasthor H7 is $39,500.

The working width and speed of the plough is 4.2 meters and 10 kilometers per hour.

You will need to have a tractor that has at least 210 horsepower to operate it.

With this plough, you can low and cultivate, for $39,500 this is a very worth plough. And it requires not as much horse power as the other ones. 210 is not that much for you to operate it.

3.Piccin Advanced Mod BT 11

The price of the Piccin Advanced Mod BT 11 is $50,500.

The working width and speed of it is 6 meters and 10 kilometers per hour.

It requires you to have 510 horsepower on your tractor at least.

A very efficient plough that allows you to adjust the depth control. This allows you to minimize the soil disturbance.

4.Kverneland PW 100-12

The Kverneland PW 100-12 is a plough that you will encounter in the late stages of Farming Simulator 22.

This plough will cost you $88,500.

The working width and speed for this plough is 6 meters and 11 kilometers per hour.

In order to operate this plough efficiently, you will need to have a tractor that will have at least 360 horsepower.

The Kerneland PW 100-12 is one of the most expensive ploughs out there. It is hard to maneuver but at the end, you will make sure that you take out two birds with one stone. This plough is hard to get but it most definitely pays off.

5.Lizard 6M

The price of the Lizard 6M is $8,000.

Its working width and working speed are 6 meters and 20 kilometers per hour.

The requirement for the Lizard 6M is 180 horsepower.

You can attach this plough to the front and the back of the tractor. It is very efficient because you can set the teeth backward which will allow you to operate the plough without using the recommended number of horsepower which is 180 horse power.

And there you have it. Those are some of the best ploughs in Farming Simulator 22. You have cheap ones and expensive ones that can help you in all sorts of ways with your crops.