2048: How to Beat

Published: 29 Apr 2022
Use this trick to always beat the 2048 game!

2048 is a classic puzzle game where players need to slide different tiles in order to combine them until they get the number 2048. In this guide, we will tell you how to beat the game

2048: How to Beat

There are a couple of tips and tricks that you need to keep in mind in order beat the game.

The whole game is a 4×4 grid where you will find different numbers dropping in ranging from 4 to 2. You will need to move them in different directions to combine them so you can reach the target of creating the biggest tile with the number 2048. Adding tiles with the same number will help you progress further by creating a larger number, ie 2+2=4,4+4=8 and so on.

The first tip is to keep your focus on the biggest tile that you are trying to get to 2048 in one of the corners of the screen. It is usually better to keep that tile in the bottom left or bottom right corner depending on how your game goes. Keep stacking tiles on those corners until you have a bigger number.

This allows you to combine pieces strategically instead of being dependent on your luck. Always put your biggest tile in a corner as it will help you manage the tiles better. In order to do this, you need to funnel all your tiles in one corner and merge them with the others. Over a period of time, your biggest tile will grow and you just need to avoid moving your biggest tile.

Always keep your bottom row 100% full because if you move then your biggest tile won’t be in a corner anymore.

Focus on moving your tiles in just 2 directions as it will help you organize things better. Avoid moving tiles in multiple directions unless it is really necessary.

It is important that you keep things simple in order to reach 2048. For example, if your biggest tile is in the bottom right corner then you should mostly stick to swiping tiles right and down.

Your goal should be to keep the bottom row as the holding tank for the bigger numbers while you combine the rest of the numbers in the top and middle rows. It is better to create chains of numbers one by one so you can combine them in ascending order into a bigger number.

Like 4+4->8+8->16+16->32+32->64+64->128+128->256+256->512+512->1024.

This way you will be able to create two tiles of 1024 which you can combine to reach your ultimate goal of getting 2048. It’s a really simple game if you keep calm and focus on keeping your biggest number in one of the corners. From there on, you will be able to create chains and combine other numbers to be able to beat the game!