15 Best PC Games Under 2GB to Play Right Now

September 21, 2022
If you thought 2GB is too small for an excellent game, better think again!

Are you looking for an excellent game to play right now but is unfortunately short on storage space? After all, today’s common games eat up tons of space, with over a 100GB being the norm now for modern AAA games. Thankfully, there are still some gems players can sink hours of enjoyment into that are only a fraction of that enormous download size. While most of them may already be old for some, they can still pack a ton of fun when given the proper time.

Read on below as we share you our picks for the 15 best PC games to play right now that is just 2GB or less.

15 Best PC Games Under 2GB to Play Right Now

Assassin’s Creed

The first entry in Ubisoft’s now legendary action-adventure series – that alone should make Assassin’s Creed a must-try. In this game, players are put in the shoes of Altair during the Third Crusade in 1191 AD.

Explore the vibrant open world, doing various side quests and progress the main story further. Despite being more than a decade old now, Assassin’s Creed still stands out because of its fantastic setting and revolutionary gameplay mechanics.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

As what you could expect to any GTA game, GTA Vice City puts players in an open world where they can virtually do everything they want. Set in a fictional recreation of Miami, GTA Vice City is one title where you can go back anytime and still have one hell of a good time.

This title is so great to the eyes of many that you owe it to yourself to play it.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

To this day, many people believe that Need for Speed: Most Wanted is the best entry in the long-running Need for Speed racing franchise. Comparing to today’s modern games, this game’s graphics still hold a candle – all the more impressive considering its miniscule download size.

While you certainly already know what you’d get out of a Need for Speed game, Most Wanted is definitely a must-try.


This first-person puzzle game has been a staple of the gaming world that everyone should have at least heard of it by now. Its unique take on platforming is still revolutionary to this day.

Portal is a true classic and a must-play for any puzzle game enthusiast out there.

WWE Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain

If you are a fan of wrestling and you haven’t played Here Comes the Pain yet, then what are you doing? This title is highly-regarded as the best wrestling game to have ever come out and we personally incline with that.

Be your own superstar or play as your favorite WWE personality. This wrestling game is one for the books and you only have to give it a few hours of your time to join us on that sentiment.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a retro looking game where you are free to do anything and almost everything at your own pace. This includes taking care of your farm, planting and harvesting crops, creating a family to cherish, and build friendships throughout the neighborhood.

It’s a relaxing game that can eat hours of your time without the enjoyment dwindling even just a bit.


If you like the brooding atmosphere of noir films and the frightening nature of shadows and the unknown, Limbo could just be your bread and butter. This platforming-puzzle game has enticed millions and millions of players all over the world with its unique feel and memorable story moments.

While Limbo may be short, this title will stick on you for years to come.


Brawlhalla is an online combat arena game where players may pick from over 50 unique characters based on other gaming properties, pop cultures, mythology, and so much more. Due to its very approachable and fun gameplay, Brawlhalla can be a go to game for drinking sessions with your buddies.

Gather your friends around and play this one, we promise there wouldn’t be any downtime in fun.

Hotline Miami 2

If you are looking to let your inner rage out and go on inflicting carnage as much as you want, then Hotline Miami 2 is where you should be at. This renowned top-down action game is sure to get your blood pumping.

Mixed in with gorgeous visuals and honestly addicting soundtrack, only a few titles out there can match the adrenaline you can get out of Hotline Miami 2.


The widely-acclaimed first person classic – to this day, many argue that Half-Life is the best first-person shooter ever developed. Find your way out of the iconic Black Mesa shooting off various aliens, troops, and other monstrosities under the shoes of the only and only Gordon Freeman.

Half-Life’s strong shooting mechanics and fantastic level design still holds up to par to the most modern games out today.

Burnout Paradise

While Burnout Paradise is considered as a racing game, it is the bombastic crashes and sheer chaos you can cause that makes it one of the most memorable titles from decades past.

The adrenaline you get from zooming around the city while also causing your fellow racers to crash to one another never gets old.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin puts players once again in the shoes of the titular bald, cool, and collected Hitman, Agent 47.

Stealth your way around several expertly crafted levels and assassinate your targets in many creative ways. This game both satisfies your cravings for games that test your creativity and patience.

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time is developed by Ubisoft Montreal and is published by Ubisoft itself. This action-adventure platforming game has creative fight sequences, gameplay premise, and story to tell.

There is a why a lot of players today consider this game as one of the all-time classics. Boot it up and see for yourself. After all, its just 2GB or less.

Tekken 3

By now, you should have at least heard of the Tekken franchise. No matter how awesome the newer Tekken games may look and play, the third title in the iconic fighting game franchise still holds a special place to the hearts of millions of players worldwide.

This game is what arguably put Tekken to the map, and the fighting game landscape hasn’t been the same ever since thanks to it.


Everyone can play Overcooked. In fact, its easy-to-pick-up gameplay is what attracts most players to it. Playing this title with your friends beside you can make hours pass by like minutes.

The chaos that ensues while you and your friends try to do the recipes tasked at you is sure to be a good time. Prepare to constantly laugh, yell at each other, and have tons of fun picking this one up.