15 Best Games Under 10GB For PC To Play Right Now

September 19, 2022
Games shouldn’t have a 50-100GB download size to be great!

Modern PC games can now eat up your storage in no time. So long are the days when you can store up dozens and dozens of games in your trusty computer with more space to spare. This thing of concern has also made it more difficult for users with low-end computers to find awesome games they can get totally behind with.

This has also restricted them to relatively old games that do not require that much space. Thankfully, there are some gems out there that fit the bill perfectly. Without further ado, here are some of the best games under 10GB for PC you should play right now.

15 Best Games Under 10GB For PC To Play Right Now

Best PC Games Under 10GB

The Elder’s Scroll Skyrim (2011)

Skyrim has been a staple of the gaming world in a way that no best games list seemingly can exist without mentioning it to some degree. Ours is no different.

Despite its ever-expansive open world and truly engaging story, Skyrim only has a download size of 8GB. This game has one of the biggest fan bases out there, and we believe you should consider being one of them.

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Best Games Under 10GB To Play Right Now!

Far Cry 3 (2012)

Many Far Cry fans out there would argue that the third game in the franchise is its best outing to date – and they do have a valid point.

With its gorgeous visuals and action-packed gameplay, you wouldn’t think that Far Cry 3’s download size is only under 5GB. If you love open-world FPS games, this is perhaps where you should be.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (2012)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CSGO remains one of the best shooter games in the market today thanks to its easy-to-approach, yet hard-to-master gameplay.

On top of that, it has also been a staple in the esports world, making it a game that you should at least consider picking up. It only has an 8GB download size so you wouldn’t have to worry so much about space.

Dota 2 (2013)

Everyone may not be aboard the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games, but there is no denying the genre’s overarching effect on the gaming scene, especially esports.

If you fancy yourself a competitor and love the thrill of thinking on the fly to win, Dota 2 may just be what you are looking for. It only has a download size of 6-7GB.

Life is Strange (2015)

Decision-making is at the very core of Life is Strange. Every decision you choose for a particular moment would result in a certain consequence of benefit that you shall encounter moments after.

Not every game should be action-packed, they can also tell stories you’ll fondly remember even years after playing it. Life is Strange is such. It has a download size of 6-7GB.

Assassin’s Creed Black Flag

Assassin’s Creed Black Flag is an action-packed game through and through. After all, you’d be playing as an assassin pirate cruising around the vast seas with our trusty mates!

This iteration of the highly-acclaimed Assassin’s Creed series is what some fans and critics believe is its best outing yet. It is definitely a must-try. The game has a download size of about 9 GB.


The game of Gen Zs – it’s the ongoing blockbuster of a game for children and some adults. Fortnite as a live-service game has given us some of the most interesting crossovers. Who would imagine that one day you’d see Marvel heroes and Goku himself blast away at each other with several ridiculous guns?

This title is so much fun, and if you are a fan of battle-royal games, then this may just be for you. It has a download size of 9.5 GB.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro won the ‘Game of the Year’ award in 2019. And every title that has won such should be considered in any ‘best’ lists. Better yet, this magnificent action game from the bright minds behind the now-legendary Souls-Borne series, From Software, only has a download size of 10GB.

Sekiro may sometimes prove punishing, but trust us, it is one of the best games out there no matter the games size.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead Series

If you love narrative-driven games then The Walking Dead is where you should be at. The story of Clementine, from a lovely child to a badass woman herself, is now a legendary tale told strictly in the great medium of video games.  

This title will put you through a rollercoaster of emotions and we love it just for that. It has a download size of about 6.8 GB.


The Grand Theft Auto series has now became so iconic in the world of video games that everyone should at least be aware of its existence by now. Known for pushing the boundaries to its limit with every title, GTA IV is sure to give you one hell of a good time.

Run around the fictional recreation of New York as Niko Bellic in this great game. It has a download size of 8.5 GB.

Saint’s Row the Third

If you like the GTA series to be more ridiculous and not take itself seriously, then Saint’s Row got you covered. This game has the same kind of fun found in several open-world games of its kind but turned wackiness up to 11.

With a download size of just below 10 GB, pull off several interesting missions as the leader of the Saints with the third iteration of the Saint’s Row series.

Devil May Cry 4

As what you’d expect from the Devil May Cry series, its 4th iteration is filled to the brim with ridiculous action set-pieces that is sure to leave your jaws to the floor.

Prepare to see several amazing cinematic scenes along with fantastic fighting moves during gameplay. Devil May Cry 4 isn’t hard to love if you’re a fan of action games. It has a meager download size of about 5.2 GB.


Dishonored is a first-person action-adventure game published by Bethesda Softworks. This title puts the players in the shoes of main protagonist Corvo Attano scouring in its brooding world killing or subduing enemies with varying powers.

This game offers unique encounters and a very interesting to boot. With a download size of just 9 GB, we recommend you to at least try Dishonored. It will be worth every minute.


Imagine Counter Strike but it’s a hero shooter – that is precisely what Valorant is. That being said, it has since stepped out of the shadow of its inspirations to become one of the most popular 5v5 online multiplayer shooters available today. Even more, it has also made significant impact in the esports scene these past few years. It has a download size of just below 10 GB.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit scratches the itch of every racing game enthusiast out there and then some!

Despite its meager download size of just about 4.6 GB, this game delivers great graphics and over-the-top set pieces comparable to other titles that are significantly much larger.